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Actnet offers a full suite of personal and business call services for automated reminders and effective communication with employees, customers or patients by any combination of phone, text, or email.  What's more, our integrated Text-to-Voice platform provide you the covenience of providing professional voice to your clients without going through the trouble of finding some professional speakers or recording your own voice for different voice messages, everytime. Just type in the texts and your sentences will be read out to your intended recipients automatically and professionally!

Our platform are straight-forward and easy to use with built-in calendar and scheduling system, it can deliver personalized messages to individual or bulk broadcasting at any specified time of the day, week or month and customizable to your needs .

There are never any term contracts to sign and charges are on a per-call-basis based on top-up credits through Pay-pal or credit cards.  You are most welcome for a free trial today.

 WakeAnnouce Service

WakeAnnouce is the premiere telephone wake up call service and reminder call service, employing the latest in automated digital technology. Try any of our custom voices on your daily wake up calls or wake up with the daily weather report or even a joke to start off the day! Our reminder calls are now completely customizeable for every day of the week. You can enter your own reminder or select from one of our pre-recorded messages!

AutoRemind Service

AutoReminder software is an automated appointment scheduling and reminder system that delivers personalized messages to any phone. When a reminder call is made, Voicent AutoReminder allows the recipient to confirm, reschedule, leave a personal message or even be transferred to your office simply by pressing a number on their phone keypad. Auto Reminder helps you to manage customer appointments and improves customer satisfaction. It saves time and money, reduces no-shows and improves your bottom line. With a built-in calendar and scheduling system, it can deliver personalized messages to individuals at any time of the day, evening or even weekends. Designed with our easy-to-use Windows-based user interface, AutoReminder offers flexible integration with any existing office management software.

Broadcast Service

Our flagship product enables broadcast via SMS, Voice and Email to reach your target audiences with powerful tracking capabilities. To ensure the efficiency of your campaign, the results of broadcast are tracked with comprehensive parameters, detection of destinations availability and thus trigger the next launch of campaign to the selected criteria ensure the highest possible reach to your audiences, via various options such as SMS, Call or Email, covering 100% of communications patterns today.

Data Security is key to any business and Smart Broadcast system is built ground up to address the contact leakage or contact theft issue recently faced by many corporates, reported in the Newspaper. With Contact DB protection, your contacts in the system remain safe, without sacrificing groups collaboration and efficiency.

E-Recall Service

UrgentRecall allows companies, governments or militaries to annouce on any urgent announcement and activation whereby immediate attention or response required. Our system allows users to set multiple follow-up calls to the intended recipients should the call be unanswered. It also allow recipients to acknowledge the calls with user specified codes so that the sender is certain that the calls are received.

2-way Interactive Service

Our inetractive SMS or Voice calls allows senders and recipients to communicate effectively both ways.  For instance, in a market campaign the marketer can send out mass broadcast to prospective customer on the promotion details via SMS or calls and request recipients to reply with '1' if they are interested.  Upon the reply from the interest parties, the system can be programmed to acknowledge with a message such as ' Thank you and we will be contact you very soon' and the confirmation reply from the recipients will be all captured in the system for your record and further follow-up actions.

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