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AutoRemind is an automated appointment scheduling and reminder system that delivers personalized messages to any phone, be it call or SMS. With our integrated Text-to-Voice feature, you can just type the messages in texts and it will be automatically translate it to a professional voice speech when the call is received by recipients. AutoRemind also allows the recipient to confirm or acknowledge on the message by replying with the code as specified by the sender.

With a built-in calendar and scheduling system, it can deliver personalized messages to individuals at any time of the day, weekends or any desired time. Designed with our easy-to-use Web-based user interface, user can easily log in and start scheduling all jobs and need not worry that your clients or patients will forget about the appointment or meeting time.

AutoRemind will certainly helps you to manage customer appointments and improves customer satisfaction. It saves time and money, reduces no-shows and improves your bottom line. This service can be used as personal self reminder as well as for any organization or businesses such as government agencies, medical, dental, insurance, spa, salon, car service centre or any other business.

Benefits of AutoRemind Service :-

  • Huge saving on manpower resource in having to remember and handle each call seperately and thereby wasting much resources and time in just making calls.

  • Eliminate repetitive task to repeat same messages every time.

  • Reduces missed appointments and thereby increasing your practice or business revenue.

  • Secured data security on phone address book and information.

  • Call status tracking / statistics provided (success calls, voice mails, calls without response, calls with response, keys pressed, failed calls and etc.)

  • Integrated voice call, text and email - The very latest way to reach as many patients or customers as possible.

  • No hardware or equipment involved and our web-based GUI is straight-forward and easy to use.

  • Messages are sent out almost instantly without delays.

  • Calls are presented with your business's caller ID number - your clients will see and recognize your calls.

  • Customizable - Allows you to choose which patients or customers to call, which messages to use, at your preferred call date and time.

  • Get appointment confirmations or acknowledgements from your patients or customers when they're called.

  • 24/7 operation and you need not worry about maintaining anything.

  • Low monthly subscription fee with no contract commitment.

  • Free and fast customer support.

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