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Cloud based VoIP System - for Service Providers covers IP Telephony, Prepaid and Post Paid Billing, Mobile over IP, and callback. Take advantage of our live cloud and managed service that can be connected to your own routes (BYOR) or need a complete hand hold session to run the VoIP Business, we are here at your service. With built-in end-to-end protocol detection, testing and provisioning will be a breeze. Automated billing and invoicing for multiple internal and external VoIP customers also provides a compelling reason why large enterprises outsource the entire VoIP, billing and invoicing to us, completely remove the burden of their finance department.

VoIP over Satellite/WiFi/EDGE - for remote locations via satellite, Wifi or 3G networks and high latency network deployment in area such as oil rigs. Using proprietary compression and dynamic network latency compensation, we have deployed proven VoIP Solutions in mobile and less privileged remote locations, enabling reduced costs communications a reality in the most difficult terrains. Contact us for more info and site reference.

IP PBX for enterprises - covers complete unified solutions that includes IP Telephony, video and voice Conference, SMS and Instant Messenger (IM). We provide a zero risk investment for you - professional consultation and try out our live system that covers all features of unified communications and migrate to a hosted or system purchase options and plug in right away with our VoIP Trunking in minutes.

IP TV Solutions - With integrated billing and secured video contents, our IP TV solutions can help you provide video on demand service as well as offer a subscription based service to your customers for your private contents, such as paid course video, tuition, and etc.

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